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Exclusive stripe Collection

 These handmade bracelets are made using the macremé method which was developed by arabian weavers in the 13th century, where the method was used to make veils, shawls, carpets and towels. The word macramé is spanish and stems from the arabian word migramah. Europe embraced the method where sailors made different items using the method and selling the wares when ashore. 

The bracelets in this collection are made of durable paracord, with double thread ensuring a long lifetime of the bracelets.  An even number of gems are incorporated into the bracelets, where two of the gems have a stripe of 925 sterling silver. The stripe is made by cutting the gem in two and inserting a silver, oxidized or goldplated coin. The lock is made in 925 silver, with either gold coating or oxidized for a darker look .