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Brand Story

Mai Copenhagen is Danish watch, jewellery and accessory brand, which unites ancient craftsmanship and traditional designs from cultures all over the world with modern Nordic design trends. Patterns and textures are inspired by various traditional styles and old time perfected methods. Each piece is designed in Denmark by the Danish-Norwegian designer Mai Johansson. Mai Johansson is inspired by the Nordic and Scandinavian design methods and the pieces is handmade carrying the spirit of styles and traditions from the north, the east, the west and the south.

Mai Copenhagen placed in the centre of old Copenhagen began in 2012 when Mai Johansson had an idea. The idea was to combine beautiful and creative ancient textures, patterns and symbols made by master artisans of the past with modern trends of the present and make it go into new unique jewellery, watches and accessories with a Nordic touch. Mai Copenhagen designs are inspired by the exquisite attention to detail of the nordic nature, mosaics, brooches, traditional garbs, and minority ethnic symbols but with roots in the simple Nordic design traditions.